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Counselling and Psychotherapy to work towards a better place

While therapists and counsellors use a range of interventions and techniques to help their clients we also recognise that each person is unique.

Therefore I will always begin with an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and to formulate with you a plan of action to take things forward.

Following on from this we will usually agree a programme of regular sessions where we will work together to make sense of your problems and their impact on the present. Working through the issues can empower you to live a different, more fulfilling life. Together, we will develop a toolbox of techniques that will not only aid recovery at the time but will be there for you to use in the future, should you ever need to do so.

Good therapy should be collaborative. So at every session I will ask you for feedback on how you feel and your impressions of how the process is going. This way you can influence the speed of the therapy and be comfortable that you are getting the most from each session.

At the end of the process we will build a ‘Relapse Prevention Plan’. This will contain what you have learn tthroughout the sessions and a clear plan of what to do if you find yourself slipping back into old thinking, feelings and/or behaviours.

It is there to help you to identify the warning signs and to provide plan of action to address the issues before they become a significant problem again.


Carla is an experienced and highly trained therapist working in Milton Keynes (Bucks). She is both BABCP accredited and a BACP Member. She is also an accredited Family Law Consultant with Resolution. Carla is an empathetic counsellor who works with her clients in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

Central Milton Keynes - & Buckinghamshire (London)

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